Our Services

Office Catering

We provide full service and drop-off catering for in office events, co-working spaces and off site meetings. We are accustomed to catering to multi-national and local companies. 

Ordering in catering to your office meetings, workshop, seminar or conferences allows you to save time and resources, enjoy the facilities of a fully equipped event space and enhances the  team or networking experience. 


Corporate and Private Events

Whether you’re planning a corporate event or private party in a special location, we provide location recommendations or full service and or drop off services to the location of your choice. We provide equipment rental, set-up and decoration for all types of corporate and private events.


Culinaria Catering brings our expertise to your office or event space, giving you the freedom to enjoy top-quality meals in disposable trays and boxes.  This no-fuss catering requires no set up and the food is ready to eat and freshly prepared. 

Planning an event or refreshment, we provide food delivery in individual containers for easy and COVID safe  distribution. All the meals are seasonal, for re-heating or suitable for consumption at room temperature. 


Film Catering

We provide in studio and on location full service VIP catering. Planning a film or photo shoot with some special guests, or catering to a smaller group, we supply a wide range of services such as all day catering, lunch service and craft service.